About Elizabeth

I have an amazing husband Todd, who supports me in all of the new foods and recipes I try. I enjoy crafting and creating new things and my perfectionism can get in the way of these things sometimes. I am an avid college football fan, and love spending time with family, and shopping. I am a girlie girl with a love of pink, glitter, painted nails, and makeup. I began eating wheat free in 2007, and have enjoyed the challenge of learning how to cook and bake with alternative ingredients. I was diagnosed with a food allergy to wheat after many years of being constantly sick. As soon as I omitted wheat from my diet, I was healthy and a much happier gal! Changing my lifestyle seemed to paralyze me with fear at first. 'What is safe?', 'Which brands can I buy?', 'Where do I shop?', and 'HOW WILL I SURVIVE!?' are a just a few of millions of questions I had. I began reading anything I could get my hands on. It didn't take long to realize that I would have to learn how to cook and bake all over again. Basic staples in most meals were off limits, and created frustrations. I took the energy I was giving to being frustrated, angry, and left out, and began concocting my own recipes, and putting a spin on my favorites. While I am still very much in the the 'learning phase' of cooking and baking wheat free, I wanted to share my triumphs and tips with others; so that you and your family can become just as excited as I am about trying new things and helping others become aware. It is work, but it's possible have a wheat free lifestyle, and you most certainly can do it! I hope you enjoy the recipes, and information shared on this blog.

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