Fresh Produce Co-Op's

Living with food allergies or dietary restrictions can make life difficult, and expensive.  I have found that I consume a larger amount of fruits and vegetables now because they are my 'safe foods' if you will.  Its been wonderful having more fresh produce in our home, but the grocery budget has taken a hit!  It is so expensive to find fruits and vegetables that are organic, good quality, with a wide variety for in-expensive.  I'm willing to pay more for quality fruits and veggies, but if I don't have to I'll opt for that route.  Recently, a friend asked if I would like to join her 'co-op group'.  It is a group of families that purchase produce in bulk, thus creating a lower cost and still getting what you want.  We receive produce every other week, and a lot of it!  It has been WONDERFUL having the fruit and vegetables to snack on or cook with for so much less.  I plan my meals according to the produce I'll be getting for the week.  Local Harvest is a website that can guide you in the right direction, no matter where you live so that you too can get your fruits and veggies fresh, less expensive, and organic.  Maybe you can start your own Co-Op in your area and help others like yourself!  


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