Salty and Sweet treats on the go!

Have you gone to the whole foods markets recently and been either under-whelmed or over-whelmed by the amount of gluten free treats and snacks offered?  I've had both problems, and ended up purchasing everything I could get my hands on just so I could try it.  A lot of money was wasted when I realized 'some of these things are not like the other'! Some were delicious...and some were, well...worth living with out for now.  Which ones taste almost as good as the real thing?  Which ones are worth the money?  Which ones will my kids eat?  Here are a few of the treats I've enjoyed.  If you've discovered a delicious find, please share! 

Glutino is one of my favorite brands for treats, and snacks. 

From salted, sesame seed or chocolate coverd pretzels, these are the brand to look for!  I can't even tell a difference!

If you're child or yourself loves Oreo's, here's the replacement for you!  They taste delicious, and come in vanilla flavored cookies as well.

Check out Glutino's web site for more wonderful finds such as pizza, frozen meals, and bagels!

Kinnikinnick is another wonderful brand that has been helpful during those times of cravings!

 Their chocolate dipped donuts are fantastic!

Have you tried Kinnikinnick and loved their products?  Guess what!? They have a restaurant finder that will help you find restaurants in your area that are serving Kinnikinnick!  Type in your location, and they will help you find a safe place to eat out. 


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  1. I was so impressed when I tried Glutino's pretzels. I honestly couldn't tell a difference between them and regular pretzels! I quite enjoyed snacking on them with M&M's.